BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is an upcoming installment in the popular Bioshock video game series. Plot-wise, it is not directly related to its predecessors, but the game does retain similar gameplay mechanics and themes. Infinite begins in 1912, when the game’s protagonist – a detective named Booker DeWitt – is sent to a floating city of Columbia to rescue a young woman, Elizabeth, who is imprisoned there.

In addition to various weapons in the game, players can use Vigors and Nostrums to augment their character. Vigors are active powers that require charges to use. Nostrums are passive enhancements, similar to Gene Tonics in the previous BioShock games. Using either of these items has a permanent effect on your character, so you should think carefully before choosing a power, seeing how only a limited number of Vigors can be equipped.

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Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3, the sequel to the popular survival horror series, takes Isaac Clarke to the snowy planet of Tau Volantis, which is believed to hold the key to ending the Necromorph infestation. The gaame can be played in single player or online co-op mode, with the second player controlling John Carver, a hardened soldier and Isaac’s reluctant partner.

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God of War: Ascension

God of War: Ascension is a prequel to the popular GoW trilogy. It follows a younger Kratos on his quest to slay the three Furies and get revenge on Ares, who tricked him into murdering his own family. Besides the single-player story, God of War: Ascension also features multiplayer, a first in the franchise. It offers several different game modes and allows the players to create and customize a new warrior, and pick one of the four gods to align with. Incidentally, all preorder incentives for this games are related to multiplayer.

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Tomb Raider

The upcoming 2013 Tomb Raider game is a reboot of the franchise, unrelated plot-wise to its predecessors. The story begins with the 21-year-old heroine Lara Croft getting stranded on a remote tropical island after a shipwreck. Waking up in a coastal cave, the young woman immediately has to fight for her life. Combat is an important part of the game, but so are the series trademark puzzles and exploring.

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter

MoH: Warfighter is an upcoming sequel to the 2010 Medal of Honor game. It uses an improved Frostbite 2 graphics engine and features additions like Dynamic Door Breach and destructible environments. The game is developed with help from actual Tier 1 operators and includes real world locations, making it one of the most authentic first-person shooters. The multiplayer gives you a selection off 6 classes and twelve factions, plus several different game modes to choose from.

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted

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    Oct 30, 2012 (US)
    Nov 2, 2012 (EU)

EA’s new Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a reboot of the 2005 game of the same title. It shares many features with its predecessor, including a Blacklist of racers and cop chases. The game has an open-world environment; for example, the players can choose their own routes from start to finish during races, and there are supercars hidden in secret locations around the city to discover.

The multiplayer aspect of the game is also updated. Autolog 2 leaderboards compare your achievements in both single player and multiplayer modes. Perhaps the most interesting addition is the CloudCompete system, which lets you switch between different platforms without losing your progress in Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

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007 Legends

007 Legends is a multiplatform action-adventure game which combines stories from 6 James Bond movies starting with Moonraker (1979) and ending with the upcoming Skyfall (2012). The storylines from older movies are adapted to a modern-day setting, and James Bond is voiced by Daniel Craig throughout the game.

This isn’t the first James Bond game from Eurocom developers. GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, which released for Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms last year, received mostly positive reviews from the critics. Similarly to GoldenEye 007, 007 Legends includes MI6 Ops missions in addition to its main campaign. A multiplayer mode is also present, and pre-ordering the game will net you some bonuses for it.

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