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Mario Golf: Super Rush Box Art

Mario Golf: Super Rush is scheduled to release on June 25 for Nintendo Switch exclusively. The game is being developed by Camelot Software Planning and will be published by Nintendo.

The point of the game is simple, hit the ball into the hole with the fewest strokes possible to win. In this installment, you can use your Joy-Con as a motion controller to take your shots instead of just smashing buttons on your console!

This game is ideal for sporty gamers as they can get a shot gauge and a scanner that allows them to hit their shots with detailed and exact precision. And for those of you who just want to have a good time, Mario Golf: Super Rush has loads of additional modes where you can just have fun.

Game Modes in Mario Golf: Super Rush

  • Speed Golf, where you compete against other fictional characters of the Mushroom Kingdom – all teeing up at the same time, sprinting and making their way through the course to finish the game as fast as possible.
  • Battle Golf, where four players compete for greatness in a stadium that is filled with nine holes and numerous obstacles. The goal is to be the first player to skin three holes. 

Each player, in this game, will also have a “Special Shot” for example, Luigi can freeze the ground which makes the whole surface slippery and gives you the chance to get ahead of your opponents.

 Lastly, there’s also a story mode where you follow the arc of a Mii character’s gold career and take them from a rookie to a pro player. As you complete courses, you will gain access to new skills and abilities by improving your stats with the coins that you gain.

Mario Golf: Super Rush can be fun for family and friends as you can play with up to three other players or simply log online and play with the rest of the world as long as you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

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Finding the best place to pre-order a game can be difficult. There are a lot of websites and stores where you can pre-order games, so in this article we’ll help you choose the best place for your pre-orders!

As a general rule, Amazon is the best place to pre-order games because Amazon Prime members get $10 credit on pre-orders of select titles.* They also offer fast delivery and you get access to a wider range of special editions.

Check out what’s available for pre-order on Amazon here.

Let’s take a deeper look into why we recommend Amazon and then also check out some (very good) alternatives.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Box Art

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a third-person action-adventure game coming out for the PS5, PS4 and PC. It is being developed and published by the indie studio Ember Lab.

The game follows the story of Kena, who is a spirit guide on a trip to find a sacred shrine. Along the way she helps spirits move on from the physical world using her magical abilities while fighting enemies on her journey.

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Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny Box Art
  • Genre
  • Platform
  • Release date
    June 29th, 2021

In Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny, you’re Zed, a young zombie for the Netherworld. Your focus is to try and conquer the God of Destruction. Digaea 6 is the first game in the series to be in 3D. The game also comes with adjustable gameplay settings, which makes it great for newcomers. You can play as much as you want, since the max level in here is 99,999,999. 

You have 2 physical editions to choose from, and each of them comes with its fair share of extras.

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Biomutant Box Art
  • Genre
  • Platform
  • Release date
    May 25, 2021

In Biomutant you’re a critter whose main focus is to try and keep the land free of mutants and maintain the freedom of your land. What makes Biomutant unique is that you can easily re-code your genes, which gives you new powers, while also upgrading your appearance. It’s also possible to craft new items, including bionic wings & chainsaws. The game also allows you to ride vehicles. This post-apocalyptic world can be barren, but it’s also filled with interesting dangers and challenges.

This post-apocalyptic RPG hopes to impress not only with its game world, gameplay and openness. You get a unique world with many quests. Every critter and NPC you encounter has their own story, missions to check out, and some aren’t as friendly as they look.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Box Art
  • Genre
  • Platform
  • Release date
    June 10, 2021

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is the PS5 enhanced version of the critically acclaimed action RPG game Final Fantasy VII Remake that came out for the PS4 on April 10th, 2020. The Final Fantasy series is developed by Square Enix and it is their most successful IP with having sold over 130 million units sold.

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 owners do get a free upgrade to the PS5 enhanced copy but will not get access to any of the PS5 exclusive content as that will have to be purchased separately. The PS5 exclusive content includes the “Yuffie Episode” which is an extra set of story missions following the story of Yuffie Kisaragi and she is available as a playable character. 

Aside from that, the PS5 version also introduces a photo mode which was missing from the PS4 copy and includes new difficulty settings as well.

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MLB The Show 21 Box Art

MLB The Show 21 is the next installment in the long-running baseball game series from Sony’s San Diego Studio. The cover athlete this time is no other than the San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., who is the youngest player to be selected for the game’s cover.

Depending on what edition you pre-order, MLB The Show 21 pre-order bonuses include “The Show” packs, 5,000 – 25,0000 stubs, 4 days early access, diamond choice packs, gold choice packs, a ballplayer equipment pack, double dailies, a steelbook case, a new era cap & a Jackie Robinson bat skin.

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