GRID Box Art

GRID is a wheel-to-wheel racer from Codemasters that follows Grid Autosport (2014) and reboots the series. It includes a large array of vehicle classes (Touring, Stock, GT, Tuner, Formula J, etc.), 12 racing locations with multiple tracks and varied weather, 6 race types, multiple career paths, and competitive multiplayer with up to 16 players online. Each AI driver has their own personality, and may hinder or help you during the race.

Ex-Formula 1 pilot Fernando Alonso not only worked on the game as a consultant, but is also present in the aptly titled Fernando Alonso Challenge, where players may race him in his Renault R26.

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WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 Box Art

WWE 2K20 is the latest installment in the long-running wrestling game series from Visual Concepts and 2K Sports. It introduces a story-driven mode, 2K Showcase: The Women’s Evolution, that follows the Four Horsewomen (Becky Lynch, Bayley, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks), allows the players to pick a female wrestler in MyCAREER and Mixed Tag matches, and brings streamlined controls, helping newcomers jump into the franchise.

Also new in WWE 2K20 is a service model called WWE 2K20 Originals that will deliver downloadable post-launch content at a price. Each package is said to contain a new playable world with a unique theme. Those who pre-order WWE 2K20 will receive the first entry for free – more details after the jump.

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Zombieland Double Tap: Road Trip

Zombieland Double Tap: Road Trip Box Art

Zombieland Double Tap: Road Trip is a twin-stick co-op shooter that serves as a tie-in between the films Zombieland (2009) and the upcoming Zombieland: Double Tap (2019). Players take control of Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, or Little Rock – as well as unlockable characters from the new movie – and battle hordes of zombies alone or in a co-op of up to four. The game offers Epic Horde and Boss Battle modes, 16 types of zombies, and Zombie Kill of the Week challenges.

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Atelier Ryza

Atelier Ryza Box Art

The latest main entry in Gust’s Atelier series follows Reisalyn “Ryza” Stout, a tomboyish girl with a strong sense of justice, whose world is turned upside down following an unexpected encounter. The scenario is co-written by Yashichiro Takahashi, a novelist best known for his Shakugan no Shana series, and features summer memories as a theme.

Compared to its predecessors, Atelier Ryza brings a significant graphical overhaul with more realistic visuals, and deepens the gathering, synthesis, and battle mechanics. The titular Secret Hideout (Ryza’s atelier) can be remodeled and customized floor to roof.

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Oninaki Box Art

Oninaki is a hack-and-slash RPG developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square Enix. Like the studio’s previous titles, it draws inspiration from classic JRPGs, albeit this time we’re getting an action RPG with anime-style visuals.

The protagonist of Oninaki is Kagachi, a young Watcher whose duty it is to send wandering souls known as the Lost onto the next world and keep the cycle of reincarnation going. He is aided on his journey by Daemons – a type of lost souls used as weapons.

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WRC 8 Box Art

WRC 8 is the official video game of the 2019 FIA World Rally Championship, bringing 52 teams, 14 rallies, and 100 special stages to the screen. Developer Kylotonn promises better graphics, new physics for all road surfaces, dynamic weather conditions that affect driving, and a redesigned, more authentic career mode.

The game also offers an Online mode for competing with drivers from all around the world, weekly challenges, and of course annual eSports WRC competitions.

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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Box Art

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a remake of the 1993 GameBoy action-adventure title of the same name. The game retains the classic top-down perspective and gameplay elements while introducing a unique claymation-like visual style, a new dungeon builder mode, and amiibo support.

The story begins with Link washing up on a mysterious island of Koholint. After being nursed back to health by a local girl, he embarks on a quest to awaken the island’s guardian, the Wind Fish, by collecting eight magical instruments. Numerous dungeons, tricky enemies, and unique locals await.

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