New World

New World Box Art
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    Aug 25, 2020

New World is Amazon Game Studios’ first foray into MMOs. A PC-exclusive, it runs on the company’s royalty-free Lumberyard engine and can be played without a subscription fee (albeit with an upfront payment for the game).

As one might gather from the title, New World is set in colonial America – except with a fantasy twist. Players have to content with both supernatural forces and each other in a land rife with danger and opportunity. The game’s classless progression system allows any combination of attributes and weapon masteries.

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TT Isle of Man 2

TT Isle of Man 2 Box Art

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 is an official simulation of the Isle of Man TT, which is widely considered to be the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world. The game faithfully recreates the 60km Snaefell Mountain course and offers 17 additional tracks on top of that.

New in TT Ride on the Edge 2 is an open world for testing out bikes and their upgrades without the pressure of competition. Developer Kylotonn also claims realistic motorcycle physics, more natural steering, and improvements to suspension, tyres, and brake temperature management. The game features several classic bikes, one of which will be included as a pre-order bonus for early customers – more on that after the jump.

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Panzer Corps 2

Panzer Corps 2 Box Art

Developed by Flashback Games and published by Slitherine, Panzer Corps 2 is a turn-based strategy game set during World War II. The player may take control of any major power in the European theatre. The game boasts complex in-game mechanics like spotting, encirclements, and capturing of enemy equipment, as well as over 1,000 authentic units.

Panzer Corps 2 offers a branching solo campaign that includes 60 scenarios, as well as hot seat and online multiplayer with both pre-made scenarios and randomly generated maps. Like the original Panzer Corps, it includes a Scenario Editor for creating your own scenarios and maps.

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SnowRunner Box Art

SnowRunner is an off-road truck simulator developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. In comparison to its predecessor MudRunner from the same developer, it boasts improved visuals and physics, larger maps, more vehicles, and like the name suggests, hazardous snowy terrain across America and Siberia.

SnowRunner puts you behind the wheel of over 40 heavy-duty vehicles from manufacturers like Pacific, Freightliner, and Navistar, and tasks you to deliver cargo safely and on time across snowdrifts, rivers, and mud. The game can be tackled solo or with up to four players in online co-op.

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Overpass Box Art

Overpass is an off-road racing simulator developed by Swedish game company Zordix and published by Maximum Games. It allows the players to get behind the wheel of big-name buggies and quad bikes, and tackle extreme terrain like scree slopes and muddy bogs.

The game offers a career mode as well as local and online multiplayer. It includes more than 20 official vehicles from manufacturers like Yamaha and Textron, and over 40 tracks spread across 6 types of challenging environments.

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Metro Redux (Switch)

Metro Redux (Switch) Box Art

Metro Redux is a two-game collection comprising the definitive editions of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. These first-person shooter games are based on an acclaimed sci-fi novel from a Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, and transport the player into a post-apocalyptic world, where pockets of humanity survive in Moscow’s subway system – the titular metro.

The Metro Redux collection is already released on other core platforms and is to launch on Nintendo Switch at the end of the month. As usual, our interest is in the pre-order bonuses available with the upcoming Switch version of Metro Redux – see those in detail after the jump.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Box Art

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a life simulation game from Nintendo that takes place on a deserted island. It offers a robust crafting system and a variety of activities like gardening, fishing and decorating. There also are many unique villagers to interact with, both new ones and those familiar from the previous installments.

New Horizons‘s multiplayer mode allows up to eight players to reside on a single island via online multiplayer or local wireless. Furthermore, four players can play together on a single system. The game supports all Nintendo Switch modes.

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