Raids in Pokémon GO can be a challenging but rewarding way to grow your team and build up your collection of rare creatures. Knowing the 2021 raid schedule is key to getting the most out of your raid sessions. This comprehensive guide will help you plan ahead and maximize progress during your raids!


Understand Which Pokemon Appear During Each Raid at   pokémon go five-star raids

It’s important to understand which types of Pokémon will spawn during each raid. Defeating powerful Legendary Pokémon requires different strategies than taking on common Normal type creatures. Knowing what appears in each tier and which creatures are the strongest makes it easier to plan ahead and choose the best team composition for each encounter.
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Learn What Timeframes the Bosses Appear 

Knowing when the best raid bosses spawn is key to maximizing your progression. The leaders of each Gym appear throughout different timespans during the day and week. While some remain available for hours, others only stay for twenty minutes or so, giving players just enough time to battle the creature before it changes out for a new team of Pokémon.

Follow Strategies to Clear Raids Quickly and Efficiently 

When you’re limited by time, it’s important to strategize how to quickly and efficiently clear raids. Each raid boss has a weakness that players should look out for in order to efficiently defeat them. Research the bosses before battle and plan for the most effective teams with which to attack. Additionally, trading Pokémon or bringing friends can be highly beneficial in taking down tougher raid bosses. If you’re really strapped for time, utilizing online groups based around the raiding schedule can help pool resources make sure no CPs are wasted on low-tier encounters.

Determine which Pokémon You Should Take Into Each Raid 

Before taking on a raid, it’s important to first examine which Pokémon will provide the most benefit exclusively based on its type match ups. Specifically, players should research how types are effective against specific raid bosses and choose their team members accordingly. This knowledge can greatly reduce time spent in each encounter and increase overall rewards and progress. Additionally, take into account Special Attack values from different Pokémon to ensure that damage is maximized for each raid battle!

Develop a Plan for Maximizing Rewards from the Raids

While the rewards obtained from raids vary, planning ahead can maximize the amount of rewards obtained. One of the most important steps here is only engaging with powerful enough Pokémon to complete a raid before its time limit expires. This will ensure that players have enough help to make sure that they are able to successfully defeat more powerful Raid Bosses and increase their overall rewards. Additionally, players should consider using Berries in order to make taking down each Raid Boss much quicker and less difficult for themselves.
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Pokémon go five-star raids

Pokemon Go fans have something to look forward to with the new five-star raids! Players can now battle powerful bosses and Mega Evolutions, as well as Legendary Pokemon. 
The five-star raid battles are available for a limited time, so players should be sure to take advantage of this exciting opportunity. These raids offer a unique experience that is different from any other raid in the game. Not only will you be able to battle some of the toughest Pokemon around, but you’ll also get some great rewards if you succeed in taking them down. 
These raids are sure to challenge even the most experienced players and provide an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. So don’t miss out on this incredible chance to test your skills against some of the most powerful creatures in all of Pokemon Go! Get out there and show off your battle prowess with these five-star raids today!

All Pokemon Go Raid Guides January 2023

Are you ready to take on the biggest bosses in the world of Pokemon Go? January 2023 is bringing some of the most exciting raids yet! Players will have a chance to battle Legendary and Mega Raid bosses, as well as regular raid bosses. This month’s lineup of raid boss battles is sure to challenge even the most seasoned players.
Get your team ready for some intense battles: starting on January 1st, you can expect to be fighting off legendary raid bosses such as Kyogre and Groudon. As we move through the month, you’ll also have your chance at taking down powerful mega raid bosses like Rayquaza and Dialga. No matter which boss you go up against, there are guides available that will help ensure victory! Check out our resources for all your Pokemon Go raiding needs this January 2023!
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