Pure Farming 2018

Pure Farming 2018 Box Art

Pure Farming 2018 is a farming simulator developed by Polish studio Ice Flames and published by Technland. According to the official website, the game includes almost all aspects of modern farming: animal husbandry, field cultivation, orchards, greenhouses, and so on. The vehicles used in the game are officially licensed and faithfully recreated, and include brands like Zetor, Landini, McCormick, Kärcher, Mitsubishi, and others.

Players may farm in four different continents and grow region-specific crops (specific locations are Italy, Colombia, Japan, and Montana, with one more available as a pre-order bonus). There are three different game modes: free farming, learning the basics of agriculture, and testing one’s skills in objective-based challenges.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Box Art

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a fighting game with action RPG elements from Square Enix and Team Ninja. Players can select their three-person team from over 24 playable Final Fantasy characters spanning 30 years of the franchise’s history, and do battle in more than 10 iconic arenas. The combatants are divided into four categories – vanguard, assassin, marksman, or specialist – each with their own fighting styles and abilities. Every match allows the player to call forth legendary summons like Ifrit, Shiva, and Odin to turn the tide of battle.

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Blackguards 2

Blackguards 2 Box Art

Blackguards 2 is a turn-based tactical RPG developed by German company Daedalic Entertainment and published by Kalypso Media. It takes place years after the events in the first game, and follows Cassia, a young noblewoman, on her quest to rally the Vanquishers of the Nine Hordes and claim the Shark Throne for herself. The player can choose spells and talents freely, developing a unique combat style, and recruit mercenaries, controlling up to 20 characters on the hex battlefield.

As Blackguards 2 is already out on Steam since 2015, this article is concerned specifically with the upcoming console versions of the game.

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We Happy Few

We Happy Few Box Art

We Happy Few is a survival horror game developed by indie studio Compulsion Games and published by Gearbox. Taking place in a dystopian, retrofuturistic 1960s England, the game puts the player into the shoes of three “moderately terrible” people who seek to escape the fictional town of Wellington Wells and its perpetually drugged-out and cheerful inhabitants.

While originally intended as a small, Kickstarter-funded title, the game has since then grown in scope, and will now be getting a worldwide release digitally and through retail channels. The standard version will cost the usual $59.99, but pre-order customers will be getting $10 off that price – more on that after the jump.

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Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018 Box Art

Football Manager 2018 is a soccer management simulator developed by British company Sports Interactive and published by Sega. It allows the player to take the reins of the most popular soccer clubs in the world and work their way up the leagues in more than 50 countries. The game is renowned for its detail and realism, and the 2018 version comes with updated player squads and kits.

All three versions of Football Manager 2018 (desktop, mobile, and tablet) will launch simultaneously on November 10. FM 18 will be out on Windows, Mac and Linux; FM Touch 2018 on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android; and lastly, FM Mobile 2018 on iOS and Android.

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NBA LIVE 18 Box Art

After being absent in 2017, EA Tiburon returns to the world of basketball gaming with their latest installment. NBA LIVE 18 brings new features and gameplay, and is notable for being the first title to include the official WNBA roster of teams and players. The game’s cover features James Harden of Houston Rockets.

One of the most touted features of NBA LIVE 18 is the new career mode dubbed The One. The mode is divided into The League, or pro NBA games, and The Streets, aka pick-up games played on real-world outdoor courts. The player’s progress in both is tracked through always-online connectivity and contributes to their ranking in The One. A free demo of NBA LIVE 18 which contains The Rise, or the prologue of The One, is out since August 11 for Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus subscribers; progress made in the demo will carry over to the main game.

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WRC 7 Box Art

WRC 7 is an upcoming installment in the World Rally Championship racing game series developed by French studio Kylotonn and published by Bigben Games. Based on the 2017 FIA World Rally Championship season, it brings the latest cars, teams, and drivers to the screen.

According to an interview with Alain Jarniou, game director at Kylotonn, WRC 7 offers a more intense driving experience through narrower and bumpier roads that challenge the player like never before. The game also introduces Epic stages, which take up to 15 minutes to finish.

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