L.A. Noire

Get ready for the L.A. Noire release date – preorder the game and receive some awesome bonuses. It’s not easy being a detective in the Los Angeles of 1940s, but Cole Phelps is up for the challenge. Take control of this aspiring detective and tackle the rampant cime, corrupt officials and even the mafia head-on.

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inFAMOUS 2 release date is set for June 7 this year! Find out what kind of pre-order bonuses are available for this game, and which retailers are offering them. True fans should take a look at the Hero Edition which includes Cole’s Sling Backpack replica and other goodies.

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Dungeon Siege III

Receive one or more of the exclusive in-game items offered with all Dungeon Siege 3 preorders! Find out which store offers the best bonus. DS3 is a promising action RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Square Enix, set for release in June this year.

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Portal 2

  • Genre
  • Platform
    PC, PS3, X360
  • Release date
    Apr 19, 2011 (US)
    Apr 21, 2011 (EU)

Find out what kind of discounts and bonuses you can get with your Portal 2 pre-order. In this sequel, you will return to the now-decrepit Aperture Science compound several hundred years later after the events of the original game. Your favorite insane AI GLaDOS is still alive. Maybe you can put your differences aside… For science!

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