Dead Alliance

Dead Alliance Box Art

Dead Alliance is a team-based multiplayer FPS developed by Psyop Games and IllFonic, and published by Maximum Games. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland roamed by hordes of zombies, it pits two teams of four players against each other in modes like Capture and Hold, King of the Hill, Free for All, Team Deathmatch, and even Zombie-MOBA. There is also a solo survival mode where the player has to survive increasing waves of the undead.

More than just a nuisance, the wandering zombies can be made to attack and distract the enemy players by using gadgets called zMods. Examples of these include the P.A.M. pheromone grenade, which turns the undead caught in its blast into your minions, and the Trailer, which attracts all nearby zombies to its location.

Pre-order Bonuses

Dead Alliance - Day One Edition

Pre-order Dead Alliance to receive the “Rapid Dominance” Day One Edition with three early access weapon loadouts for use in multiplayer.

Announcement Trailer

Dead Alliance is scheduled to launch for current-gen consoles and Steam on August 29, 2017.

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