Privacy Policy

The aim of this page is to provide a clear and concise explanation about what kind of data is collected by, and how cookies are used on the website.


If you comment on an article, the contents of your comment will – obviously – be published for the world to see. Behind the scenes, your IP address will be automatically checked by an anti-spam plugin, and stored in its database. Commenting does not use cookies, nor does it require entering an email. You may enter a nickname or post completely anonymously.

Email subscriptions

Readers may subscribe via email and get the latest posts delivered to their inbox by clicking the envelope icon at the top right corner of the page. Subscriptions are powered by a third-party service called FeedBurner (owned by Google), which automatically picks up new posts from and sends them out. As soon as a subscription is cancelled via a link provided at the bottom of every email message, the according address is deleted from the list. These email addresses are not shared with anyone, nor used for any other purpose.

Cookies uses cookies in two different ways:

  • Security: Cloudflare, which this website uses for speed and security, utilizes a cookie called __cfduid to classify trusted web traffic. For example, if you were asked to solve a CAPTCHA before entering the website, the cookie will grant you passage for several weeks without being challenged again. It does not store any personally identifiable information.
  • Visitor analytics: Google Analytics, which is installed on this website, uses cookies to collect some non-personally identifiable information such as visit length and how often visitors return to
  • Consent: in accordance with European Union GDPR law, every visitor coming from the EU is informed that cookies are being used on this website, and asked for permission. The state of consent itself is saved on a cookie to prevent repeated intrusive messages in the future.

The site will remain fully functional if cookies are disabled on the visitor’s browser, unless accessed from an IP address blacklisted by Cloudflare.


The following third-party services are installed on and will gather some generic, non-personal data about our visitors:

  • Google Analytics: like an improved version of a server log, Analytics tells us things like which sites our visitors are coming from, what browser they are using, and whether they’re on desktop or mobile.
  • VigLink: this service tells us which outgoing links on the website are clicked the most.

Neither of them collects any information which could identify you personally.

Opting out

If you wish to opt-out of the aforementioned services, you can do so here for Google Analytics, and here for VigLink. Please note that this is a global opt-out, and these two services will be disabled for you not just on this website, but everywhere on the web.