Star Wars: The Old Republic Box Art
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    Dec 20, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Pre-Order

SWTOR is Bioware’s first attempt at an MMORPG, highly anticipated by MMO gamers and Star Wars fans alike. The game takes place 300 years after the events of Knights of the Old Republic and approximately 3,500 years before the Star Wars movies, during a continuing conflict between the Galactic Republic and the growing Sith Empire.

Bioware is well known for their captivating RPG stories, and it looks like Star Wars: The Old Republic will inherit some elements from their single-player games. Most of the quests in this unique MMORPG can be completed in several different ways, and are tied into the overarching storyline. Similarly to Mass Effect, the players will be able to recruit NPC Companions, equip them with gear, and perform various missions as a team. It will be possible to engage in romance, but also have a falling out if the NPC does not approve of your actions.

The dialogues will be fully voiced, and that goes for the player character as well. The script of the game is said to include over 40 novels worth of content. Even more impressively, SWTOR will also be localized in French and German at launch.

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Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Box Art
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    Jun 21, 2011

Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising

Gods & Heroes is an upcoming MMORPG set in a mythical version of Ancient Rome, which mixes real historical elements with beasts of legend and Olympian gods. The game will put you in the shoes of a powerful demigod hero, and let you choose one of the four classes (Gladiator, Mystic, Soldier, and Priest) as well as a deity you’re aligned with.

Two of the most interesting features of G&H are Estates and Minions. The first one is a personal instance system. Several MMORPGs have offered player housing before, but Gods and Heroes goes one step further by giving each player control of an entire valley. Estates are account-wide, so your alts will have access to all the buildings and NPCs you’ve acquired.

The Minion system will allow the player to control a squad of up to 4 AI hirelings. There will be more than 130 minions of various types to choose from, such as warriors, archers, mages, and mythological beings (including exclusive ones depending on which god you follow). Regretfully, PvP won’t be in the game at launch, so you will be limited to battling monsters.

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