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    Apr 25, 2019

This game was released on April 25, 2019 and is no longer available to pre-order. Any incentives that were offered are listed below.

Imperator: Rome is a grand strategy game from the masters of the genre at Paradox Interactive. Set in the tumultuous time period from Wars of Alexander’s Successors to the founding of the Roman Empire, the game invites the player to change the course of history in the Mediterranean.

In order to do so, the player will have to govern their provinces and command their armies and fleets while ensuring that their diverse population – made up of ctizens, freemen, tribesmen, and slaves, each with their own culture – remain content with their rule.

Pre-order Bonuses

Imperator: Rome - Epirus Flavor Pack

Pre-order Imperator: Rome ($39.99) to receive the Epirus Flavor Pack. First, some context as per the official blurb:

As Rome’s power extended to the Greek colonies in Southern Italy, it was forced to do battle with one of the great generals of the classical world. Pyrrhus of Epirus, warlord of western Greece and claimant to the Macedonian throne, would become famous for the high cost of his victories against the Roman legions, but he left behind a legacy of military genius that Hannibal of Carthage considered second to only Alexander.

The pack itself contains events and cosmetic items for general Pyrrhus’s short but glorious career:

  • Unique Army Model for Epirus
  • Unique Ship Model for Epirus
  • Special Epirote Monument: the Oracle complex of Dodona
  • 6 Event Chains related to the life of Pyrrhus of Epirus each with new art
  • One new music track

At the time of writing, those making their pre-purchase via GreenManGaming also enjoy a 10% discount.

Deluxe Edition ($59.99)

The Deluxe Edition adds the Hellenistic World Flavor Pack on top of the base game, which brings new content regarding Alexander’s Successors:

The empire of Alexander is torn into separate kingdoms as former generals and functionaries squabble over his mantle. In Egypt, the famous Ptolemy holds the body of the great conqueror and the riches of the Nile. Seleucus has consolidated his power in Persia while Antigonus has built a base in Anatolia. The cruel Lysimachos dominates Thrace, and Macedonia, the heart of the empire, has fallen to Cassander the usurper.

  • 4 New Army Models: unique army designs for Macedonia, Phrygia, the Seleucids and Thrace.
  • 4 New Ship Models: unique warship designs for Egypt, Macedonia, Phrygia, and the Seleucids, including depictions of the famous Hellenistic superships.
  • Special On Map Monuments: the Mausoleum of Alexander, the Acropolis of Rhodes, the Acropolis of Pergamon, the Palace at Ay Khanum, the Library of Alexandria, and the Argead Palace of Macedonia,
  • Six Hellenistic Flavor Events: about the Legacy of Alexander, the veterans of Alexander’s wars, the Spread of Hellenistic Culture, City Athletic Events, and Trade.
  • Alexander’s Body Event Chain: try to steal the remains of Alexander the Great and erect a monument to his memory.
  • New Event Art: dedicate new art for the included unique events.
  • New music: special music composed specifically for the Hellenistic players.

Imperator: Rome is set to launch on April 25, 2019. It will be available for Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems.

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