Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Box Art

This game was released on December 04, 2018 and is no longer available to pre-order. Any incentives that were offered are listed below.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a Wonder Boy-inspired side-scrolling action-adventure game developed by Game Atelier and published by FDG Entertainment, with the retail release of PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions handled by Sega.

Players step into the shoes of the titular Monster Boy, who can transform into six different creatures – each with their own unique abilities – and set out to explore the game’s colorful world, find powerful equipment, and battle huge bosses in 15 hours of adventure.

Pre-order Bonuses

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - Launch Edition

Pre-ordering the retail versions of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom for PS4 or Switch get you upgraded to the Launch Edition free of charge. Besides the game itself, it includes a 24-page instruction booklet and two sticker sheets as a bonus.

After a month’s delay, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is now scheduled to launch on December 4, 2018. It will be available physically and digitally on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and digitally on Xbox One and PC.

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