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This game was released on December 31, 1994 and is no longer available to pre-order. Any incentives that were offered are listed below.

Pokemon Go is an AR-based game where players can enjoy the hunt for Pokemon in the real world. The game features many Pokemon and regularly gets fresh updates from Niantic, adding the latest releases and hosting events in collaboration with Nintendo. There are a variety of Pokemon Go hacks and cheats available in 2023, which can add a lot of convenience to your playing experience.

Since the game uses your real-world GPS location, sometimes it is difficult to muster the effort to go out and hunt Pokemon yourself; this is where our list of Pokemon Go cheats comes in. While explicit cheating is against the Pokemon Go terms of service, there are still some legit methods that you can use to ease the gameplay.

So, whether you use Android or IOS devices, if you’re looking to get ahead of your friends or quickly progress in the game using some handy cheats and hacks, keep reading.

Pokemon Go Hacks in 2022 & 2023. 

If you’re looking to hack Pokemon Go in 2023 on Android or IOS devices, we have a bunch of different ways to hack the game lined up for you. Just note that it’s important to avoid catching bans from Niantic, so be sure to use a VPN app or any other reliable VPN service to use these hacks safely.

  1. Android mods
  2. Cydia Mods for IOS
  3. IOS Hacks(No Jailbreak required)
  4. Location spoofing
  5. Botting
  6. Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Mod APK

Pokémon GO MOD APK v0.263.1 (Teleport,Joystick,Enhanced Throw) - Apkmody

Android users can download Pokemon Go with third-party mods that have options to use various hacks. Just be sure to use a trusted website and provider before you download any Pokemon Go mod APK. These mod apps include some advanced features, and the option to use Here are the 10 best Pokemon Go App mods for your android device:

  1. Teleport cheat
  2. Enhanced throw
  3. Fake GPS to anywhere in the world
  4. Change Pokemon combat power.
  5. Spawn rare Pokemon
  6. Collect items with no limits! 

Cydia Hacks for Jailbroken IOS 

File:Cydia Icon ios 7.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Cydia is a package manager for jailbroken IOS devices that lets you access and install apps and mods that would otherwise be unavailable. Since Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games on the market, a variety of mods are available. 

The original game is unavailable on a jailbroken phone, so you must get it through Cydia. Afterward, you have to input the URL for the tweak you want to add to your game, and the app will handle the rest. 

Here is a list of some of the most popular tweaks available for Pokemon Go:

Tweak NameTweak URL
Pokémon Lock
PokémonGO Anywhere

Pokemon Lock lets you quickly access and play the game without unlocking your phone. You can also hand your phone over to someone else without worrying about privacy.

PokemonGo Anywhere is one of the best tweaks if you’re looking to fake your location.

SX-PokeGo is widely considered the tweak with the best features. For example, it will let you change the GPS location of your device to any coordinates in the world without actually moving.

Pokepatch, in particular, is quite helpful because it can circumvent jailbreak detection for your device.

Pokemon Go IOS Cheat without Jailbreak

Here are some hacks IOS users can exploit to make their exploration easier. You can use these even if your iPhone is not jailbroken.

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