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This game was released on December 31, 2022 and is no longer available to pre-order. Any incentives that were offered are listed below.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Nintendo game “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.” The game is published by Nintendo and will come to Nintendo Switch.

In the sequel to the award-winning game, Link and Zelda will traverse the unexplored areas of Hyrule. As they embark on this journey, the pair will find themselves deep underground and in the high skies with floating islands around.

You’ll be battling against new terrifying monsters. To counter their attacks, you’ll get brand new abilities and weapons like a flamethrower.

Game Characters

Link and Princess Zelda, two beloved characters from the original game, have been confirmed to return for Breath of the Wild 2. They’ll join other familiar faces, like Daruk and Mipha, as they face off against an unknown force threatening Hyrule. But that’s not all – players can also expect some exciting new additions to the cast. Rumors suggest we might get our first glimpse at a mysterious female character with an intriguing backstory – one that could take Breath of the Wild 2 in bold new directions!

Breath of the wild 2 key points

The wait is finally over! Nintendo fans around the world can rejoice as the long-awaited sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is here! This guide will provide an overview of all the new and exciting features available in this highly anticipated game.

For starters, players can expect an even larger Hyrule to explore than before. This time around, Link has access to a vast open-world environment with more secrets and puzzles waiting around every corner. Along the way he’ll be able to collect new weapons and armor pieces which will give him an advantage against powerful enemies like Ganon. Players won’t just have their own arsenal to rely on either – they can also enlist help from friendly NPCs throughout their journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned Zelda veteran or a newcomer, there’s something for everyone in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

Pre-order Bonuses

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The Legend Of Zelda Breath of the Wild Standard Edition

We don’t have an exact release date yet for this game. That means there are no pre-order bonuses yet. I’ll update you on it in the future, so stay tuned!

Nintendo Switch:

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild will be released in 2022 and will be available on Nintendo Switch.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch) (EU Version)
  • Step into a world of discovery, exploration and adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Explore a world of unprecedented size and discover more than 100 puzzle-filled shrines, plus a wide variety of weapons, outfits and gear
  • Climb up towers and mountain peaks in search of destinations, then set your own path to get there and plunge into the wilderness; along the way, you’ll battle towering enemies, hunt wild beasts and gather ingredients for the food and elixirs you’ll need to sustain you on your journey
  • Shrines dot the landscape, waiting to be discovered in any order you want; search for them in various ways and solve a variety of puzzles inside; work your way through the traps and devices inside to earn special items and other rewards that will help you on your adventure
  • Enjoy the adventure on the TV or escape to Hyrule on-the-go in handheld mode.Compatible with Nintendo Switch only
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass – Nintendo Switch [Digital Code] (DLC Pack 2 now available)
  • The expansion pass includes DLC Pack 1: The Master Trials and DLC Pack 2: The Champions’ Ballad
  • Expansion Pass Bonus – Three treasure chests with in-game clothing exclusive to the expansion pass will be added to the Great Plateau
  • DLC Pack 1: The Master Trials will include the following: Trial of the Sword, Hero’s Path Mode, Master Mode, Travel Medallion, 8 clothing items hidden in treasure chests, and the Korok Mask
  • DLC Pack 2: The Champions’ Ballad will include the following: The Champions’ Ballad, 9 clothing items hidden in treasure chests, and Ancient Horse Gear
Disguise The Legend of Zelda Link Sword
  • Officially Licensed Nintendo product!
  • Completes the costume!
  • Disguise has always been a leader in the Halloween industry creating innovative and trend setting costumes and accessories. Their team is comprised of a group of gifted in-house designers, sculptors, stylists and graphics artists from various creative backgrounds including Hollywood movie sculpt design, the fashion industry and gallery-showcased fine arts.
  • Product Includes: One toy sword and scabbard. Measurements: 26″L x 6″W x 2″D

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