Ghost Recon Breakpoint Box Art

This game was released on October 04, 2019 and is no longer available to pre-order. Any incentives that were offered are listed below.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is an open-world shooter with survival elements from Ubisoft. Taking place in near future, it puts the player into the shoes of an elite Spec Ops soldier, who after crash-landing on a private island belonging to the Skell Tech corporation, finds himself outnumbered and outgunned by rogue Ghosts.

New features include semi-permanent injuries which can slow down the protagonist or affect his aim, a fatigue system tied to traversing the island’s diverse and often harsh terrain, and enhanced stealth mechanics including mud camouflage. There is also tiered loot, crafting, and a class-based progression system. Breakpoint supports co-op with up to four players, as well as competitive multiplayer PvP. Unlike its predecessor Wildlands, the game requires an active internet connection to play.

Pre-order Bonuses

Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Sentinel Corp Pack

Pre-order Ghost Recon Breakpoint to receive guaranteed closed beta access (September 5-8) as well as the Sentinel Corp Pack containing the following in-game items:

  • Valor assault rifle skin
  • Sentinel Mk. 2 Assault set:
    • Heavy helmet
    • Heavy vest
    • Heavy pants
  • Hammer Mk. 2 vehicle

Any exclusive bonuses and retail discounts are listed below:

  • Amazon: $10 discount on standard physical editions and $10 promotional credit for Prime members
  • Best Buy: $10 discount and $10 in rewards for My Best Buy members
  • Walmart: $10 discount for standard edition after adding the game to cart
  • GameStop: $10 in Rewards Cash for PowerUp Rewards members
  • PlayStation Store: a set of Wolf and Ghost Avatars

Additionally, every special edition – that’s Gold, Ultimate, and Collector’s, as detailed below – comes with three-day early access to the game.

Gold Edition ($99.99 digital / $109.99 Steelbook)

Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Gold Edition

The Gold Edition of Ghost Recon Breakpoint adds the following in-game content:

  • Three-day early access (with pre-order)
  • Year 1 Pass:
    • “Deep State” DLC adventure
    • “Transcendence” DLC adventure
  • Additional “Siren’s Call” mission
  • One-week early access to three new character classes to be released throughout the year
  • Special Operations Forces Pack:
    • Quiet DMR
    • Covered ACH
    • Crye G3 Combat Pants
    • Cross Draw Vest

The retail version costs $10 more than digital, and – like the name suggests – comes with a Steelbook. It is not tied to any one retailer.

Ultimate Edition ($119.99 digital / $129.99 Steelbook)

Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition comes with all of Gold Edition’s content, plus another day one mission and two in-game packs:

  • Three-day early access
  • All Gold Edition content:
    • Year 1 Pass
    • “Siren’s Call” mission
    • One-week early access to three new character classes
    • Special Operations Forces Pack
  • Off-Road Pack:
    • Trail TX motorbike
    • GX Spider buggy
    • Vehicle skins
  • Survivor Pack:
    • “Promise” handgun skin
    • “Primal” CQC weapon skin
    • Survivor bandana
    • Survivor pants
    • Alice chest rig
  • Additional “Sacred Land” mission

The physical counterpart, aka the Steelbook Ultimate Edition, is priced higher at $129.99 and is GameStop-exclusive in the US.

Wolves Collector’s Edition ($189.99)

Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Wolves Collector's Edition

Lastly, the Ubisoft Store-exclusive Wolves Collector’s Edition comes with all of Ultimate Edition’s contents, plus the Collector’s Bundle comprising various physical collectibles:

  • Three-day early access
  • All Ultimate Edition content
  • Cole D. Walker figurine from Ubicollectibles (24 cm. high)
  • Exclusive Steekbook
  • Confidential File from Operation Greenstone with 3 Lithographs
  • Game Soundtrack Selection
  • Waterproof Map of the Auroa archipelago
  • Walker’s Dog Tag

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the PC (via Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store) on October 4, 2019. Those who pre-order any of the special editions get to start playing three days earlier on October 1st.

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