A lot of people wonder whether there are any advantages to preordering games. Some might even ask if there is any point in placing a video game preorder at all. The truth is, if you pre-order games you can get all kinds of extra bonuses, collectibles and in some cases even save some money.

Do you preorder games? If you have never done that before, you might not know what kind of strategies gaming companies use to attract and reward their most loyal and eager customers. Here are some of the biggest reasons to preorder video games:

  • Exclusive bonuses: most companies offer something special for their earliest customers, whether it’s an art book, a figurine or an in-game item. For MMOs these can be especially useful and give your characters a noticeable advantage.
  • Price guarantee: most game merchants lock-in the preorder price so if it increases later on you still pay the lower one. On the contrary, if it decreases you’ll also receive the lowest price. (Amazon does that, for one).
  • Get it first: you can have the game shipped to your home on the release date and avoid long lines in the stores which is a common occurrence with the most popular titles. Sometimes you even get early access to an MMO and start playing before everyone else.

This list outlines some of the most obvious motivations as to why preorder games. Once your pre-order is placed, you can just relax and feel good knowing that you will be getting that newest and hottest title at exactly the same price you were told, while avoiding the (potential) long lines on the release day.

However, not all game merchants offer good prices, affordable shipping or additional bonuses. How can you know which one has the best deal for that specific game you’re looking to buy? This is where Game-Preorders.com comes in. We review and compare video game sellers to pick the best one for each individual game, so you can get the best preorder bonus as well as the lowest price and the best shipping deal for your area.

Do you preorder video games? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.