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Dead Island

Dead Island Box Art

This game was released on September 06, 2011 and is no longer available to pre-order. Any incentives that were offered are listed below.

Dead Island is a first-person, open-world survival RPG, highly anticipated by zombie fans. The game will take place in a fictional Banoi island near Papua New Guinea. The players will start in a five-star hotel, Royal Palms Resort, where a zombie outbreak suddenly takes place.

Dead Island is going to offer four named playable characters, each with their own skill tree and upgradeable abilities. Performing an action – such as swinging a weapon or sprinting – will consume stamina, which is regenerated as you rest. The game will have a large number of ranged and melee weapons, many of which you will be able to modify and improve. These customizations will range from hammering a few nails into a baseball bat for increased damage, to more complex weapon mods.

Dead Island preorder bonuses

The following retailers are offering incentives to gamers who pre-order Dead Island before the launch. We’ll update the list if any other bonuses become available.

United States:

  • Gamestop: exclusive Limited Edition of Dead Island which includes Bloodbath Arena DLC ($10 value) and the Ripper weapon. Bloodbath Arena offers single and multiplayer challenges in four different arenas, fighting waves of increasingly stronger zombies. The Ripper is a baseball bat and buzz saw combination, and the blueprint needed to craft it will only be available to players who pre-order this edition of the game.
  • Amazon: exclusive Digital Art Book with concept art of game characters, enemies and the island itself.

United Kingdom:

  • GAME: exclusive Special Edition which includes the aforementioned Bloodbath Arena and the Ripper.
  • Amazon: Bloodbath Arena DLC.


  • EB Games: exclusive Collector’s Edition which includes the Bloodbath Arena and Ripper DLCs, as well as a Turtle Beach X11 headset. It comes with a slightly higher price than the regular edition, however.
  • GAME: a “Dead Island Preorder Pack” which includes Bloodbath Arena, unique packshot artwork, and an AFTERGLOW controller.

Digital download:

  • Direct2Drive: Bloodbath Arena DLC.
  • GamersGate: Bloodbath Arena, discount when buying 4 copies of the game.
  • Steam: Bloodbath Arena and the Ripper.

Dead Island trailer

This is the famous Dead Island CG trailer that impressed so many gamers a few months ago. It has no gameplay footage, and most people probably enjoyed its artsy and emotional aspects.

Dead Island is developed by a relatively unknown Polish game studio, Techland. Its release date is set for September 6th in the US and September 9th in PAL territories.

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