Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Box Art

This game was released on January 17, 2020 and is no longer available to pre-order. Any incentives that were offered are listed below.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an anime-style action RPG from CyberConnect2 and Bandai Namco. It allows the player to relive the entire story of DBZ as Goku, from iconic events and epic battles to daily life, training, and making friends. It also includes original, never-before-seen backstories for certain characters.

Goku can zoom around on his Nimbus, explore new areas, complete side-quests, and engage in activities like fishing and eating. In combat, the perspective switches from third-person to over-the-shoulder view similar to Xenoverse. The battles feature destructible environments and heart-pumping remixes of the original Japanese Dragon Ball Z anime soundtrack.

Pre-order Bonuses

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - Pre-Order Bonuses

Pre-order Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot to receive the following bonuses:

  • Early access to Bonyu’s training. Designed by Akira Toriyama himself, Bonyu is a former member of Frieza’s Ginyu Force.
  • Cooking Item that grants permanent Melee ATK and HP stat boosts.
  • Extra Sub-Quest: “A Competitive Party with Friends”.

Additional bonuses and discounts are available from the following retailers. If you purchase through these links, we may get a share of the sale.

  • GameStop: exclusive 3″ Kakarot FiGPiN with physical editions
  • Best Buy: two-month subscription to FunimationNow Premium Plus
  • Amazon: $10 discount on the standard edition of the game
  • Walmart: $10 discount on the standard edition
  • Target: $10 discount on the standard edition

Lastly, pre-purchasing on PSN nets you a Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Theme as usual.

Deluxe Edition ($84.99)

The digital Deluxe Edition comes with a copy of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot plus the following extras:

  • Season Pass:
    • 2 original story episodes
    • 1 new story arc
  • Cooking Item that grants permanent Ki-ATK and HP Stat boosts

Naturally, the pre-order bonuses are also included with this edition when reserved prior to launch.

Ultimate Edition ($94.99)

The Ultimate Edition includes all the Deluxe Edition content and adds more digital goodies on top:

  • Season Pass:
    • 2 original story episodes
    • 1 new story arc
  • Cooking Item that grants permanent Ki-ATK, Ki-DEF and HP Stat boosts
  • Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Music Compilation Pack (11 additional songs from the anime, available Spring 2020)
  • The Tao Pai Pai Pillar (available Spring 2020)

Collector’s Edition ($199.99)

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - Collector's Edition

Back to physical copies, the Collector’s Edition is only available for consoles and includes these extras:

  • Exclusive diorama figure of Goku and Gohan astride the Flying Nimbus (8x8x8″)
  • Hardcover artbook (10×12″)
  • Collectible Steelbook

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot launches January 17, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam).

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