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Escape from Tarkov is a survival-focused multiplayer shooter developed by a Russian company Battlestate Games. It takes place in the fictional city of – you guessed it – Tarkov, where interests of an international corporation, a private military organisation, and the locals collide, resulting in a bloody conflict and the sealing off of the region by the UN and Russian military.

The players go on raids and fight off “Scavs” (hostile scavengers) who are either NPCs or player-controlled, and loot gear which can be used or sold to one of the several vendors, with the goal of building up their character’s skills and equipment. The game boasts realistic ballistics and projectile physics, as well as real-life inspired weapons, ammunition, and armor.

Pre-order Bonuses

Escape from Tarkov has a number of different editions available. You get a digital copy of the game and guaranteed access to the closed beta no matter which one you pre-order, but the bonus content that you get at the start of the game goes up with each tier. Escape from Tarkov is only distributed digitally.

Standard Edition ($44.99)

  • Digital copy of the game
  • Guaranteed access to closed beta
  • +100000 rubles
  • AKS74U & 2 magazines

Left Behind Edition ($74.99)

Escape from Tarkov - Left Behind Edition

  • Everything included in the previous edition
  • Early unlock of your digital copy (early access)
  • Increased size of stash (10 x 30)
  • АК74N & 2 magazines
  • First-aid kit Salewa
  • Grenade RGD5
  • Additional backpack (MBSS, 4 x 4 slots)

Prepare for Escape Edition ($99.99)

Escape from Tarkov - Prepare for Escape Edition

  • Everything included in the previous editions
  • Greatly increased size of stash (10 x 40)
  • Larger secured container
  • Initially good standings with all in-game traders
  • SMG Vityaz or HK MP5 + 2 magazines (depending on faction)
  • 1,000 dollars
  • Kiver helmet
  • Reflex sight Pilad
  • First-aid kit IFAK
  • Handguard for АК74 M1-B Ultimak

Edge of Darkness Limited Edition ($139.99)

Escape from Tarkov - Edge of Darkness Limited Edition

  • Everything included in the previous editions
  • Huge size of stash (10 x 60)
  • Unique secured container
  • Combat tactical tomahawk
  • Unique in-game ID
  • 3,000 dollars
  • First-aid kit Grizzly
  • Alpha tactical rig
  • Large field backpack TriZip
  • Injector with morphine х2
  • Sniper rifle SV98 & 1 magazine
  • Silencer Silencerco Hybrid 46
  • Adaptor for silencer Silencerco Hybrid 46
  • Pistol case
  • Body armor 6B43 6A
  • Submachine gun MPX & 2 magazines
  • Handguard M4 LVOA-S
  • Season Pass with access to all subsequent DLC

The information was provided by the developer in a recent news post and was accurate at the time of writing, but as the date of the game’s full release is yet unknown, there might be further changes to the pre-order incentives in the future. Regardless, by buying any edition you can immediately start playing in the closed beta.

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