Update: two new Gamestop coupons have just been released. Use code “HAWTD” to save 10% on in-stock merchandise totaling $79.99 and more. Use coupon code “TEBO” and get $15 off new video games priced $59.99 or higher. Both of these promo codes are valid until the end of the month. More information can be found below:

Gamestop - January 2012 Coupons

As usual, enter these in the “Promotional Code” field when shopping online at Gamestop.com. In addition, check out their “Buy 2 Used, Get 1 Free” sale.

The part below contains coupons from the first half of the month which are now outdated.

  • Use coupon code “HOTD” to get a 10% discount on game orders of $79.99 and more.
  • Enter code “5NEW” and get $5 off new video games priced $49.99 or more.

Here’s some more information on what the coupons are valid for:

Gamestop January 2012 Coupons

Speaking of savings, Gamestop is also having an Accessory Sale with up to 50% discounts on various console and PC accessories. The sale ends on January 8th.