Gamestop has released a number of coupons that will allow you to save some money on video games or get free shipping with your order. Most of these promotional codes will only be valid until 15th March, so make sure to use them in the next week. There are some restrictions on each coupon which are explained below.

Update: Gamestop just released 2 new coupon codes! 10FREE will give you $10 off and free shipping on orders priced $79.99 or more. 20PRE will give you a 20% discount on pre-owned games and accessories. In addition, they are offering some nice deals on Nintendo 3DS Bundle pre-orders. These deals are valid through March 2011. Old coupons can be found below.

The first promotional code will give you a 10% discount on video game pre-orders. It won’t work for Collector’s Editions, however. To make use of this Gamestop coupon, simply enter PRE10 in the Promotional Code field when viewing your Shopping Cart:

Gamestop Coupon - 10% Discount on Pre-orders

The second offer is $20 off your order when buying 2 games priced $59.99 or more. The promo code for this great discount is 2SAVE20.

The third offer is for various gaming accessories and gear, like the Playstation Move, Xbox 360 hard drives, controllers, headsets and so on. Use Gamestop coupon 20ACC and you will get a 20% discount on those! This deal doesn’t cover points, time cards and certain PC accessories.

Finally, there’s also a coupon that will give you free shipping on orders of $24.99 or more (excluding game consoles). Use the code “VSHIP“. Unlike the other coupons, this one will last until 31st March.

To sum up, here are all the March 2011 Gamestop coupons listed in one place:

  • 10% off game pre-orders (ends on March 15): PRE10
  • $20 off when buying 2 games priced $59.99 each (ends on March 15): 2SAVE20
  • 20% off console accessories (ends on March 15): 20ACC
  • Free shipping with $24.99 and larger orders (ends on March 31): VSHIP

You won’t be able to use more than one of these codes on the same order, so make sure to apply the coupon that saves you the most money.