Marvel’s Iron Man VR

Marvel's Iron Man VR Box Art

The latest title from developers at Camouflaj, Marvel’s Iron Man VR allows the player to step into the shoes of the genius inventor Tony Stark. Tony might have retired from making weapons, but when Stark Industries locations around the world are attacked by a hacker and anti-corporate activist Ghost, he’s forced to don the Iron Man suit once more.

The game is designed from the ground up for VR, and requires two PlayStation Move controllers to play.

Pre-order Bonuses

Marvel's Iron Man VR - Pre-Order Bonuses

Pre-ordering Marvel’s Iron Man VR grants 4 bonus Custom Armor Decos: Origin, Vintage, Silver Centurion, and Ultraviolet. Digital pre-orders via PSN also receive a dynamic PS4 theme as well as a promo code for a 30-day Marvel Unlimited trial.

Digital Deluxe Edition ($49.99)

Marvel's Iron Man VR - Deluxe Edition

For $10 more than the standard edition, you’ll receive the following goodies on top of the base game:

  • 4 Deluxe Edition Deco Armors:
    • Golden Avenger
    • Black Centurion
    • Sun Stinger
    • Stealth Armor
  • 12 Research Points: Research Points are gained by analyzing combat data from Iron Man’s performance in the field. This allows Friday to develop new technology (weapons and augments) for the Impulse Suit. Use these Research Points to unlock some weapons and augments early and customize your play style.
  • Marvel’s Iron Man VR Digital Deluxe Soundtrack
  • Digital Deluxe Edition Iron Man PS4 Theme

Due to the worldwide crisis, the launch of Marvel’s Iron Man VR has been delayed until further notice.

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