Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana Box Art

This game was released on February 15, 2018 and is no longer available to pre-order. Any incentives that were offered are listed below.

The upcoming Secret of Mana is a 3D remake of the 1993 SNES action RPG from Square Enix. It follows the adventures of a courageous young man Randi, who alongside a noblewoman Primm and a mischievous sprite Popoi take on a treacherous empire in an attempt to restore balance to the world.

Compared to the original, the remake features revamped visuals and controls, voiced characters, a rearranged soundtrack, and local multiplayer for up to three players.

Pre-order Bonuses

Secret of Mana - PSN Bonuses

Pre-order Secret of Mana to receive the following DLC costumes at launch:

  • Moogle Suit for Randi, Primm, and Popoi
  • Tiger Two-Piece for Primm
  • Tiger Suit for Randi and Popoi

In addition, by pre-purchasing via PSN you will instantly receive Randi, Primm, and Popoi Avatars, whereas doing the same via Steam will grant you a Secret of Mana wallpaper.

The limited physical PS4 version of Secret of Mana can be obtained exclusively through GameStop in the US (EB Games in Canada).

Secret of Mana is scheduled for a global release on February 15, 2018.


  • Mister's avatar
    August 30, 2017 at 10:08

    I pre-ordered the game, but I can’t really seem to find the avatars right now? Assumed it was an instant-thing… D:

  • Anonymous's avatar
    December 16, 2017 at 16:37

    I’d like to preorder for PS VITA. But it isn’t in the PSN store. Will they be releasing the dlc for purchase later?

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