Watch Dogs Box Art

This game was released on May 27, 2014 and is no longer available to pre-order. Any incentives that were offered are listed below.

Watch Dogs is an open-world action game with stealth elements from French studio Ubisoft Montreal. It is set in a fictional version of Chicago, where ubiquitous computer software called ctOS controls the city’s infrastructure and monitors every single resident.

Everything is connected to the ctOS network, from traffic lights to security cameras and mobile phones. This means a huge opportunity to the game’s protagonist, Aiden Pearce – as a hacker, he can access someone’s personal data, eavesdrop on phone conversations, and jam phone signals. Even more impressively, it’s also possible to raise bridges and barriers, control subway trains, and rupture nearby water pipes: abilities which definitely come in handy when escaping police.

Watch Dogs has a reputation system, so the way Aiden accomplishes his goals is going to affect the disposition of various NPCs. Harming many innocent civilians will result in him being denounced as a murderer, causing people to react negatively to the hacker’s presence.

Pre-order bonuses

The following retailer-specific pre-order incentives are available for Watch Dogs:

  • Amazon: the Signature Shot Pack, which includes an exclusive single-player mission. Upon completion of said mission, the player will receive the Biometric Assault Rifle and the Black Viceroy’s Outfit.
  • Best Buy: the Breakthrough Pack with an exclusive single-player mission which grants you free cars and discounts on special vehicles after completion.
  • GameStop: the Palace Pack which also offers an exclusive mission with two rewards: investigation bonus (unlocks exclusive investigation opportunities) and ATM hack boost (increase cash rewards). While supplies last, you will also get a collectable Watch Dogs poster by Alex Ross.
  • Walmart: the Cyberpunk Theme Pack, which lets you use a powerful one-handed Cyberpunk Gun and wear a Cyberpunk Outfit.
  • Target: the Blume Agent Pack which gives you access to a Blume MP Outfit, a Weapon Specialist Boost, and a new Multiplayer Faction Tag.

Gameplay preview

The video demonstrates some of the stuff Aiden is able to do as a hacker in a city where everything is connected.

Watch Dogs is going to be released on May 27th for the older as well as the two new-gen consoles and Windows PCs. Wii U version is an exception, as it will be out at a later date.

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