Lost Planet 3 Box Art

This game was released on August 27, 2013 and is no longer available to pre-order. Any incentives that were offered are listed below.

Lost Planet 3 is an upcoming third-person shooter from the Lost Planet series by Capcom (although this latest installment is developed by Spark Unlimited instead). The game takes place years before the events in Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, and follows Jim Peyton, a miner working on E.D.N. III in order to earn money for his family back on Earth. Lost Planet 3 is said to be a story-driven game, and in this regard it resembles the first title in the series more than the second one.

Pre-order bonuses

There’s still plenty of time to pre-order Lost Planet 3 before it launches on August 27th. The following exclusive bonuses are available:

GameStop has the Freedom Fighter Pack which includes five exclusive multiplayer characters and two rig updates.


  • Grace Peyton – The woman behind the man. Beautiful but also tough and resilient, Grace keeps the family together whilst the earth falls into chaos and Jim is working millions of miles from home.
  • Phil Braddock – Braddock is the head of the NEVEC crew and runs the operations at Coronis base on E.D.N. III. He stays calm despite the extreme pressures of the mission and keeps his team focused.
  • Jenette Diaz, the Lost Contractor – Jim’s predecessor and an accomplished utility rig pilot who joined the Coronis crew on their maiden voyage to E.D.N. III. She mysteriously went missing a year and a half into their mission.
  • LP1 Gale Holden – Returning in his Lost Planet 1 look, Gale is the father of the main character of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and a pivotal character in the Lost Planet universe.
  • Bonus character: HUNK – From the world of Resident Evil, HUNK is Umbrella Corporation’s most trusted hit man and leader of the Umbrella Security Service’s Alpha Team. If anyone can survive the brutally inhospitable conditions of E.D.N.III, he can.

Pre-ordering the game at Best Buy will give you access to the Assault Pack with its three unique weapons as well as two rig upgrades:


  • Assault Shotgun – A NEVEC specialized version of the normal Shotgun, this prototype weapon has semi-automatic fire allowing for a faster delivery of damage.
  • Customized Pneumatic Injector Gun – An improved variant of the Pneumatic Injector Gun. Although it features a slower rate of fire and requires more frequent reloads, it does more damage per bullet.
  • Destructeur (LaRoche’s Assault Rifle) – Variant of the Assault Rifle that has a slower rate of fire but does more damage than the standard NEVEC-issued version.

Last but not least, Amazon is offering the Punisher Pack with more fancy weapons and, again, the rig upgrades:


  • Incinerator (Particle Thrower Variant) – This improved version delivers greater range and damage than its predecessor, but with less accuracy and a tendency to overheat rapidly. The particle beam can set targets on fire.
  • NEVEC Punisher (Pulse Rifle) – A NEVEC military division pulse rifle that sends out bursts of fire at an extremely fast pace.
  • Spit-Fire (Grenade Launcher Variant) – This modified grenade launcher shoots out Fire Wasp “projectiles” instead of grenades as its default ammo type. These also cause splash damage on impact.

The aforementioned rig upgrades are the same, no matter which one of the three participating retailers you pre-order from:

  • Pressurized Claw – Using a bank of hydraulic actuators it increases your utility rig’s claw strength and crushing power by 25%.
  • Tungsten Carbide Drill – It has an ultimate tensile strength nearly twice that of a standard issue utility rig drill. It delivers 25% more damage to Akrid enemies.

And that’s the end of this array of digital bonus content for Lost Planet 3. The information is quoted from the official Capcom website.

Pirate Reveal trailer

This trailer continues the story of Jim Peyton as he gets rescued by Snow Pirates and learns new truths about E.D.N. III and NEVEC.

Lost Planet 3 is set to release on August 27, 2013 in North America.

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