TERA Online Box Art
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  • Release date
    May 1, 2012 (US)
    May 3, 2012 (EU)

This game was released on May 03, 2012 and is no longer available to pre-order. Any incentives that were offered are listed below.

TERA (full name “The Exiled Realm of Arborea”) is a Korean MMORPG that is being published in the United States by En Masse Entertainment, and in Europe by Frogster Interactive Pictures. It is a promising game with a number of interesting features: a combat system reminiscent of action games (cross-hair aiming, dodging, and blocking), an intricate political structure, Unreal Engine 3 graphics, and more.

The game offers 7 distinct races and 8 classes to choose from. Significant character customization is offered, both during character creation, and later on in game through armor dyes and remodeling. Besides appearance, players can further customize the abilities of their character by equipping Glyphs (which modify skills in different ways) and socketing crystals in armor and weapons in order to boost their stats.

TERA Online pre-order bonuses

Preorder TERA Online from any retailer and you will get access to all five closed beta tests during February, March, and April, as well as a headstart which begins on April 28th.

In addition, pre-purchasing TERA from the En Masse Store or Amazon will get you the following:

  • Unique Mount: the exclusive White Stallion.
  • City Wheel Earring: Defense +7, Balance +3, Max HP +178 (lvl 10+).
  • Seren’s Sand Ring: Attack +57, Damage +30, Max MP +82 (lvl 35+).
  • Early Name Reservation: create a character and reserve your name before launch.

Besides the Standard Edition which includes 30 days of game time, the game is also available in two premium editions – digital and physical – which contain some nice extra content.

Digital Collector’s Edition

The Digital Collector’s Edition comes with a price tag of $59.99 ($10 more than the Standard one) and includes the following in-game items:

  • Regal Frostlion Mount
  • Velik’s Bloodstone Necklace: Attack +21, Damage +8, Max MP +70, Attack Speed +4% (lvl 15+).
  • Shakan’s Bloodstone Necklace: Attack +91, Damage +59, Max MP +143, Attack Speed +6% (lvl 40+).

It is available directly from En Masse, which means you will receive the pre-order benefits, too.

Collector’s Edition

The physical Collector’s Edition of TERA Online will set you back $79.99, but you will have the following collectibles to show for it:

  • All items from the Digital Collector’s Edition
  • Letter of Marque
  • Valkyon Federation Handbook
  • Federation Issued Compass
  • Map of TERA
  • Original Soundtrack

You can pre-order Tera CE at Gamestop and Amazon. It is also available directly from En Masse, in continental United States only. European gamers can find the same 3 game editions for their region on the official TERA shop.

Gamescom 2011 trailer

This trailer promotes the main healing class of TERA, the Priest:

The “true action MMO” comes to North America on May 1st, and to Europe on May 3rd. As mentioned before, preorder customers can start playing as early as April 28th.

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