Port Royale 4

Port Royale 4 Box Art

Port Royale 4 is a trading and city-building sim set in 17th-century Caribbean. The player takes control of a small colony and grows it into a bustling city by developing production chains, creating trade routes across the sea, battling fleets of rival nations, and fending off pirates.

In a departure from the previous installments, PR4 features turn-based naval battles. The player may choose to represent England, France, Spain, or the Netherlands, each providing different benefits and gameplay styles. The game includes over 60 cities, 50 different buildings, and 18 historically authentic ship types.

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Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Box Art
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    Jul 10, 2020

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris is a JRPG based on the popular light novel series that has also been adapted into an anime. It allows the player to take on the role of the protagonist Kirito as he ventures into the mysterious Underworld: the virtual world from SAO’s Alicization arc.

Besides solo play, Alicization Lycoris offers an online co-op mode for up to four players and their AI-controlled NPC partners. In this mode it is possible to freely customize the appearance of the player’s avatar.

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F1 2020

F1 2020 Box Art

F1 2020 is the latest iteration in the official Formula One World Championship game series from UK developer Codemasters. Notable among its new features is My Team: a new game mode that allows the player to create their own team to compete against the established 2020 season lineup.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Formula 1, the standard edition of F1 2020 is renamed to F1® Seventy Edition and comes with exclusive in-game items – more on those after the jump.

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Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Box Art

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a 3D remake of the 2003 GameBoy Advance title Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. In addition to the overhauled visuals and modernized controls, it also brings new events and more romanceable characters.

The player steps into the shoes of a young city-slicker who returns to the farm of their late grandfather to find that it has fallen into disrepair. It is up to them to restore the farm, befriend the townsfolk, and perhaps even find love.

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Destroy All Humans!

Destroy All Humans! Box Art

Developed by Black Forest Games, Destroy All Humans! is a remake of the classic 2005 game for current-gen platforms. It is a humorous third-person action-adventure where the player controls Cryptosporidium 137 – Crypto for short – an alien who arrives to 1950s America to harvest human DNA.

Crypto possesses a vast arsenal of unique weaponry and mental powers that can annihilate the puny humans and reduce their primitive cities to rubble – and the gameplay in fact encourages destruction. In contrast to the original, the remake allows combining of Crypto’s abilities for new and creative ways to cause mayhem.

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Catherine: Full Body (Switch)

Catherine: Full Body (Switch) Box Art

With the launch of Catherine: Full Body on Switch confirmed, owners of Nintendo’s console will soon be able to step into the shoes of 32-year-old slacker Vincent and experience the dark and mature storyline involving a love square between himself, his long-term girlfriend Katherine, a seductive hottie he meets in a bar, Catherine, and his mysterious amnesiac neighbour, Rin.

Compared to the original Catherine, the Full Body version offers improved visuals, alternate endings, and a safety mode for the game’s puzzle sequences. It has launched for PlayStation 4 last year, so this article is concerned specifically with the upcoming Switch release.

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Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass

Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Box Art

The Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield grants access to two upcoming expansions: The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. Both expansions come with a new area to explore, new Pokémon to catch, clothing, handy features, and more.

In The Isle of Armor players explore a beautiful island and become apprentices at a Fighting Dojo, where they are gifted a legendary Pokémon Kubfu. The expansion also adds Gigantamax forms for starters Rillaboom, Cinderace, and Inteleon.

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