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Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Box Art

Resident Evil Village is a first-person survival horror game and a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The story begins with the returning protagonist, Ethan Winters, living peacefully with his wife Mia a few years after escaping the Baker plantation. Then BSAA captain Chris Redfield attacks their home, and Ethan’s daughter is kidnapped. Seeking answers, he chases Chris to a remote snowy village in Romania.

RE: Village introduces a crafting system, through which Ethan can craft first-aid kits and ammunition. The game also features a merchant that will sell and upgrade weapons – for a price. Resource management remains an important aspect of gameplay, since Ethan’s inventory capacity is limited to the size of a briefcase.

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Returnal Box Art

Returnal is a third-person roguelike shooter from Finnish developer Housemarque. The game follows Selene, a space explorer who crash-lands on a shape-shifting planet filled with alien horrors. She finds herself fighting for survival – and each time she dies, she wakes up again right before the crash, with her surroundings and enemies transformed.

As a PlayStation 5 exclusive, Returnal comes with full next-gen feature support including fast loading, adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and Tempest 3D audio on supported headsets.

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Bravely Default II

Bravely Default II Box Art
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    Feb 26, 2021

Bravely Default II is a turn-based RPG from Japanese studio Claytechworks. While it inherits certain gameplay mechanics from the previous Bravely installments, such as the Brave and Default commands, the setting and the character cast are all new.

The game is set on the continent of Excillant, which is split into five kingdoms, and follows a young sailor Seth. After washing up on Excillant’s shores, he encounters a princess who fled her ruined kingdom, as well as two travelers determined to decipher a mysterious and magical book. The player can select from many different jobs and skills, and customize each party member to fit their strategy.

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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Box Art

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is an enhanced Switch port of the original Super Mario 3D World for Wii U from 2013. New features include faster movement speed for Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad, online multiplayer with up to three other players, and a Snapshot mode. But the largest addition by far is Bowser’s Fury: a standalone, free-roaming adventure that involves Mario teaming up with Bowser Jr.

The game also supports amiibo. The upcoming Cat Mario and Cat Peach amiibo grant power-ups in the main portion of the game, while Bowser and Bowser Jr. amiibo can be used in the new Bowser’s Fury adventure.

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Monster Energy Supercross 4

Monster Energy Supercross 4 Box Art

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 4 is the latest incarnation of Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship videogames that allows the player to relive the 2020 season. Like its predecessors, it is developed by Italian racing game experts at Milestone.

The revised Career Mode takes the player on a path from Futures to Pro and allows them to grow their talent via the new skill tree. The Track Editor has been upgraded with new customization options, and a new Compound inspired by the Maine Islands has been added, in which the player can race or free roam alone or in co-op.

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Cris Tales

Cris Tales Box Art

The Colombian developers at Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK call Cris Tales a “love letter to classic JRPGs”. Players take on the role of a newly awakened Time Mage Crisbell, who must prevent the Empress from bringing about a cataclysm that would destroy the four Kingdoms of the region. Crisbell embarks on a journey across the Kingdoms, recruiting allies and mastering their abilities as well as hers.

Crisbell’s unique Time Magic allows her to peer into the past and future of those she meets, and even utilize her power in Cris Tales‘ classic turn-based combat. For instance, she may send a poisoned enemy into the future and thus deal all the tick damage in one go.

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Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood Box Art

Back 4 Blood is a first-person co-op shooter developed by Turtle Rock and published by WB Games. As a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, it shares many similarities with the acclaimed series. Up to four players join forces to eradicate the Ridden, once-human hosts of a deadly parasite eager to devour what’s left of humanity.

The game implements a roguelike card system that modifies the experience and enhances replayability. In addition to the narrative campaign, Back 4 Blood offers competitive multiplayer where the player can take on the role of a Cleaner, one of the immune survivors, or the Ridden, each with their unique abilities and weapons.

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