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Port Royale 4 Box Art

Port Royale 4

Pre-order Port Royale 4 for PC to receive instant access to the game’s closed beta and a 10% discount. An Extended Edition of the game is also available, which includes digital soundtrack and exclusive bonus content.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Box Art

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Pre-order bonuses for Animal Crossing: New Horizons include a tote bag, a double-sided poster, a journal with a 2020 calendar inside, a reusable sticker, or a replica Bell Bag. Most major retailers in the US are offering some kind of a physical incentive.

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Football Manager 2020 Box Art

Football Manager 2020

Pre-purchase Football Manager 2020 from the official FM Store, Steam, or an authorized reseller to receive a 10% discount as well as access to the beta two weeks prior to launch. The game is also available in streamlined FM20 Touch and FM20 Mobile versions aimed at Switch and iOS/Android devices respectively.

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