Lost Planet 3 Box Art

Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 is an upcoming third-person shooter from the Lost Planet series by Capcom (although this latest installment is developed by Spark Unlimited instead). The game takes place years before the events in Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, and follows Jim Peyton, a miner working on E.D.N. III in order to earn money for his family back on Earth. Lost Planet 3 is said to be a story-driven game, and in this regard it resembles the first title in the series more than the second one.

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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Box Art

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is an upcoming action / stealth game which takes place 6 months after the events in Splinter Cell: Conviction. The word “Blacklist” refers to a series of terrorist attacks against the US, which Sam Fisher will have to stop as the leader of the newly formed 4th Echelon.

Much like its predecessors, the game allows for different play styles. Depending on your approach to the mission, you will earn points in three categories: ghost (silent & non-lethal), panther (stealthy kills), and assault (just shoot ’em up). This score will then translate into cash for buying, upgrading, and customizing your equipment.

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Deadpool Box Art

Deadpool Pre-Order Bonuses

Deadpool is an upcoming action video game based on one of the most popular Marvel Comics characters. It is developed by High Moon Studios and published by Activision. The game’s script is written by Daniel Way, and Nolan North is voicing the titular character.

The gameplay is said to be a mix of melee and shooting, with Deadpool mostly using his signature swords and guns in various combinations. Other weapons like rocket launchers and sledgehammers are also available. According to IGN, the protagonist frequently breaks the fourth wall, just as you’d expect from the Merc with a Mouth.

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Remember Me Box Art

Remember Me Pre-Order Bonuses

Remember Me is a third-person action / stealth game developed by a French studio Dontnod Entertainment and published by Capcom. You play as Nilin, a memory hunter who is on a mission to restore her identity and skills after her own memories were wiped clean. As a memory hunter, Nilin is able to steal and even modify the memories of her targets.

The game’s combat system allows the players to create their own combos from a variety of fighting moves called Pressens. There also are 5 more powerful moves (S-Pressens) which will become available as you progress through the story. Incidentally, pre-ordering Remember Me at select retailers will give you more Pressens to choose from.

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Fuse Box Art

Fuse Pre-Order Bonuses

Fuse (formerly known as Overstrike) is an upcoming action / shooter title developed by Insomniac Games and published by Electronic Arts. The plot of the game is centered around the titular Fuse, a mysterious alien power source which has fallen into the hands of a terrorist organization. An elite team called Overstrike 9 is tasked with recovering it.

At its core, Fuse is a 4-player cooperative shooter with four diverse classes, each of which has its own Fuse-powered weapon. It is said to be a fast-paced game with over-the-top action, as is expected from Insomniac Games.

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GRID 2 Box Art

GRID 2 Pre-Order Bonuses

Grid 2 is an upcoming racing game developed by Codemasters for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC platforms. Like its predecessor, it is said to toe the line between arcade and simulation. Chief among the new features of Grid 2 is a handling model called TrueFeel, which is based on real-world specs and driving characteristics, yet fine-tuned to make it more accessible. The game doesn’t have driver assists anymore, but it is still a lot easier to master compared to a full-on simulator.

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Metro: Last Light Box Art

Metro: Last Light Pre-Order Bonuses

Metro: Last Light is an upcoming first-person shooter game with survival horror elements. It is also a sequel to Metro 2033, which was released back in 2010. The game is developed by the same 4A Games studio, but has a different publisher this time: Deep Silver.

The game is based on a novel by a Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, and is centered around survivors of a global nuclear war who take shelter in the Moscow Metro and form different factions.

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Dead Island Riptide Box Art

Dead Island Riptide

Dead Island Riptide is an upcoming action / survival horror game with RPG elements. It is developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver. The game picks up immediately after the events of the original, and allows the players to import their heroes or start off fresh. Dead Island Riptide adds a dynamic weather system, more powerful weapons, new enemies, and numerous improvements and fixes.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Box Art

Injustice: Gods Among Us Pre-Order Bonuses

Injustice: Gods Among Us is an upcoming console fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. The game is based on the DC Comics universe and features popular characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Bane, Green Lantern, Batman, and Harley Quinn. In order to make it more accessible to casual players, Injustice uses a simple four-button control scheme (light / medium / hard attacks, and a “character trait” ability unique to each fighter).

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Defiance Box Art

Defiance Pre-Order Bonuses

Defiance is a multi-platform MMO shooter developed by Trion Worlds. The game is set in the same universe as Syfy’s TV series of the same name. The action takes place on a future Earth which is devastated by a war with Votans – aliens who sought refuge on our planet after their sun went nova. Neither side managed to gain the upper hand, and the Earth was rendered nearly uninhabitable by the decades-long warfare.

By the time the game takes place, various human and Votan factions are starting to work together in order to survive on the less-than-hospitable planet. Incidentally, both humans and aliens are playable in Defiance.

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BioShock Infinite Box Art

BioShock Infinite Pre-Order Bonuses

BioShock Infinite is an upcoming installment in the popular Bioshock video game series. Plot-wise, it is not directly related to its predecessors, but the game does retain similar gameplay mechanics and themes. Infinite begins in 1912, when the game’s protagonist – a detective named Booker DeWitt – is sent to a floating city of Columbia to rescue a young woman, Elizabeth, who is imprisoned there.

In addition to various weapons in the game, players can use Vigors and Nostrums to augment their character. Vigors are active powers that require charges to use. Nostrums are passive enhancements, similar to Gene Tonics in the previous BioShock games. Using either of these items has a permanent effect on your character, so you should think carefully before choosing a power, seeing how only a limited number of Vigors can be equipped.

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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Box Art

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel is an upcoming third-person shooter from the popular co-op series for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Like its name implies, the game pits the players against a powerful drug cartel in Mexico. Fighting the drug lords are two new protagonists only known as Alpha and Bravo.

The Devil’s Cartel uses a more powerful graphics engine than its predecessors (Frostbite 2), and adds a new Overkill mode which allows the players to unleash massive damage on anything that stands in their way.

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Gears of War: Judgment Box Art

Gears of War: Judgment Pre-Order Bonuses

Gears of War: Judgment is the newest title in the Gears of War series, and a prequel to the original trilogy. The single-player campaign focuses on the Kilo Squad which is led by Baird and Cole. The unit is charged with treason, cowardice, and desertion, and it’s up to the player to exonerate Lt. Baird and his crew. In order to achieve this you will have to play through the events leading up to the trial, uncover the truth, and hopefully justify the actions of the Kilo Squad in the court-martial. The developers call this the “Mission Declassification” system.

The multiplayer aspect of Gears of War: Judgment seems promising as well. The most interesting addition is the new class-based OverRun mode which pits COG soldiers against the Locust. Also new to the series is Free-For-All, a fast-paced deathmatch mode where every player fights for himself.

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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Box Art

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

This upcoming FPS game from Terminal Reality is a prequel to The Walking Dead TV series which puts the player into the shoes of Daryl Dixon (voiced by Norman Reedus). Daryl, along with his brother Merle, have to make their way across the walker-infested Georgia to the city of Atlanta.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct lets the players choose between trying to sneak past groups of zombies and fighting them head-on. The Walkers aren’t the only problem in the game though: the two brothers also encounter other survivors who can either help or hurt them. Furthermore, the unforgiving, post-apocalyptic world makes it necessary to ration food and save ammunition in order to survive.

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Tomb Raider Box Art

Tomb Raider Pre-Order Bonuses

The upcoming 2013 Tomb Raider game is a reboot of the franchise, unrelated plot-wise to its predecessors. The story begins with the 21-year-old heroine Lara Croft getting stranded on a remote tropical island after a shipwreck. Waking up in a coastal cave, the young woman immediately has to fight for her life. Combat is an important part of the game, but so are the series trademark puzzles and exploring.

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Crysis 3 Box Art

Crysis 3 Pre-Order Bonuses

Crysis 3 is an upcoming first-person shooter which takes place in a future New York City, an urban rainforest enclosed in an enormous Nanodome. The players take control of the Prophet who makes a return from the previous installments of the game. Wielding the series’ iconic nanosuit and a wide array of weapons, the protagonist has to fight through the seven distinct areas under the Liberty Dome in an attempt to save humanity from destruction.

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Box Art

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Pre-Order Bonuses

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is an upcoming console action game developed by Platinum Games and published by Konami. It features Raiden as the playable protagonist and is set four years after Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This title has less stealth elements than previous Metal Gear games, but introduces a new gameplay mechanic called “Blade Mode” instead. This freeform cutting mode slows down time and allows Raiden to make aimed sword strikes, cleaving enemies into pieces.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Box Art

Aliens: Colonial Marines Pre-Order Bonuses

Aliens: Colonial Marines is an upcoming first person shooter game based on the popular Alien movie series. It is developed by Gearbox Software and published by Sega. The game takes place after the events in Alien 3, and puts the players into the shoes of Corporal Christopher Winter whose team is tasked with investigating spaceship U.S.S. Sulaco and rescuing any survivors.

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Dead Space 3 Box Art

Dead Space 3 Pre-Order Bonuses

Dead Space 3, the sequel to the popular survival horror series, takes Isaac Clarke to the snowy planet of Tau Volantis, which is believed to hold the key to ending the Necromorph infestation. The gaame can be played in single player or online co-op mode, with the second player controlling John Carver, a hardened soldier and Isaac’s reluctant partner.

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DmC: Devil May Cry Box Art

DmC: Devil May Cry Pre-Order Bonuses

DmC: Devil May Cry is an upcoming action game, and a reboot of the popular Devil May Cry franchise. It takes place in an alternate universe and follows a teenage Dante as he fights his way through the demon-controlled Limbo City. DmC’s version of Dante not only looks more realistic, but also possesses entirely different powers. As he is half-demon and half-angel, he can use angelic weapons (such as a scythe) as well as demonic ones like a battle axe in his combo attacks.

DmC 5 is the first Devil May Cry title to be developed by Ninja Theory. It uses Unreal Engine, and features a lot more dynamic environments when compared to previous installments. The city itself is said to be Dante’s enemy, pulling him into the Limbo whenever he’s detected by a CCTV camera. The art style of the game also differs from its predecessors. All these design changes were met with widespread criticism from the fans, but it seems that Capcom intended the reboot to have a fresh, more Western look.

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