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Resident Evil 3 Box Art

Resident Evil 3

Pre-order Resident Evil 3 to receive a bonus Classic Costume Pack that brings back Jill’s and Carlos’s original outfits from the 1999 game. A collector’s edition is available; it contains a figure of protagonist Jill Valentine and other collectibles.

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The Last of Us Part II Box Art

The Last of Us Part II

Pre-order The Last of Us Part II to receive instant Ammo Capacity Upgrade and Crafting Training Manual unlocks at launch. The game is also available in several special editions with varying amounts of digital and physical extras.

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Man of Medan Box Art

Man of Medan

Pre-order The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan to receive day one access to Curator’s Cut, allowing you to replay the game from the perspective of different characters, experience new scenes, and make different choices. The Curator’s Cut becomes available after completing the main story once.

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The Sinking City Box Art

The Sinking City

Pre-order The Sinking City to secure a copy of the Day One Edition which comes with a bonus Chicago Organ Grinder weapon. private investigator outfit, first-aid kit, antipsychotics, crafting resources, and a physical map of Oakmont. On the other hand, digital pre-purchase bonuses include a free copy of Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter and an extra skill point.

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World War Z Box Art

World War Z

World War Z pre-order bonuses include an in-game melee weapon, the Lobotomizer (“Lobo”), as well as three golden weapon skins to destroy zombie hordes in style.

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Days Gone Box Art

Days Gone

Reserve a copy of Days Gone at your favorite retailer to receive early in-game unlocks that will help you survive against the hordes of Freakers. A dynamic theme is also available for pre-ordering digitally through PlayStation Store.

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